Fitness & Nutritional Coaching

Coaching is a great way to get all of the expertise & accountability of a personal trainer at a more affordable rate.  Once you are a member at Fit Club 24, we can set you up with our nutritional & fitness coaching program receiving a personalized fitness program & nutritional plan.

Your coach will then check in regularly with you to hold you accountable to those plans.  You’ll meet once weekly (either in person or over the phone) to address any concerns, answer your questions & assess any changes to make for the following week.

  • Initial Orientation  – discussing diet, macro breakdown, App for logging food, workout splits, measurements, weighing & photos
  • Weekly exercise plans – specialized workout programs (dietary goals, total calories & macros)
  • Weekly phone calls/texts
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • The owner, CC, oversees your entire progress through our program – helping you meet your goals, staying on track & holding you accountable
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 months to begin

Please contact Spry Trainers at 832-693-9413 for more information 


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