Fit Club 24 offers a variety of experienced Certified Personal Trainers for our members.  Whatever your goal, we have trainers qualified in everything from Corrective Exercise, Nutritional Coaching to Performance Enhancement and we can help get you ready for the beach or your next show!

personal trainer, owner, Spry Trainers, fitness nutritional specialistCC has been an NASM certified personal training since 2007.  She’s the owner of Fit Club 24 & Spry Trainers.  She is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist & a Youth Exercise Specialist.  She specializes in Youth Fitness & Post/Prenatal Fitness.  She is also certified as a Eat To Perform Coach.  CC is also a certified Kinesiology Taping Specialist with K-Cuts Taping System.  Her passion has always been to help others achieve this fitness goals.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to Disney World and fishing.





Certified Personal Trainer - competition - Brie BrownBrie has been an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer in The Woodlands area since 2009.  A mother of two, she’s competed in several NPC bikini competitions.  She enjoys traveling with her family to the beach or skiing.  She is also a trainer for Spry Trainers.






Lillianne is originally from Iowa.  She is an NASM certified personal trainer.  She enjoys swimming, playing basketball, weight lifting and competing in obstacle races.  Lillianne is a mom of three children.  She always has a smile of her face.  Her family calls her a “girly tomboy” as she’s always willing to try something new.





Alex has been an ACE certified personal trainer since April 2016.  He will complete his B.S. in Kinesiology from SHSU May 2018!  He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu at Gracie Humaita.  He loves the sport and hopes to one day train one of his teammates all the way to the UFC Championship.  He has a passion for fitness & helping others succeed!  Exercising & martial arts are his life but his weakness is pizza 🙂




Clayton is a certified trainer through ACSM and a Strength & Conditioning Coach through NSCA.  Clayton graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Applied Exercise Physiology and is now working in cardiac rehab at Houston Methodist The Woodlands.  He is an avid triathlete and coffee driver! 🙂





Valerie has been an ACE Certified personal trainer since 2008. She is a certified nutritional coach with Precision Nutrition working on weight loss and sports
performance. Valerie & her husband enjoy running & participating obstacle races.  She is a mom of three kids, ages 16, 13 and 11. While enjoying health & fitness, she has a creative side & loves photography & design. She loves food, especially tacos, and will pay extra for guacamole. 🙂 She and her family are nerds, and when not reading or watching  Star Wars marathons, they can be found on nature walks finding Pokémon.



Zach has been Personal Training with our mobile training company, Spry Trainers, since 2009. He's certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine & has competed in the Branch Warren Classic Bodybuilding Competition. He enjoys playing basketball & spending time with his fiancee Haley.Zach has been Personal Training with our mobile training company, Spry Trainers, since 2009.  He’s certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine & has competed in the Branch Warren Classic Bodybuilding Competition.  He enjoys playing basketball & spending time with his fiancee Haley.





John Michael has been an ACE Fitness certified personal trainer since 2012.  His strong desire to meet clients’ needs/goals has led to much of his success as a personal trainer.  John Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and their two boys, Titus & Channing.